Indiegogo, please support us!

We’re very excited to announce, we’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign.

New information about the game has been provided as well as a more concrete summary on what to expect out of gameplay and a mockup image to better visualize our eventual plans. So please check out the IndieGoGo link to see what we’ve been up to!

With this, you can get a chance to have first dibs on game keys at upon the game’s release, as well as other perks you might be interested in for being our backers. This includes things such as naming NPCs, creating traders, participating in our private discord and getting a chance to see behind the scenes, as well as a chance to own a limited run of golem figurines.

Every little bit helps, even 1$ backers can help us speed up the process. Please spread the word! A little reblogging goes a long way to helping us get our feet off the ground!


Mythwing Blog updates 6/15/2017 – Getting the Base Down

Welcome once again to our humble blog. Sorry we’ve been away for a bit, we’ve been focused on getting out base mechanics down for our new game we’re working on. We’ve been entirely focused on that, and hope to bring good news sooner rather than later. These past few weeks, we’ve been starting getting our design and code down for That land, wizard tower, and other base mechanics – Since our current game is a magic factory, it seemed sensible to start there. Once we get our golems and the chutes used for transportation going, we’ll be able to really play around with the meat of the game – the various machines and resources. Internally, there isn’t much besides a grind at the mechanics, so we’ll keep you updated. We have our artists going full time, and so far we are liking what they have put out, and we’re certain you will too. That’s all for this week, sorry again for a short blog after so long – not much excitement going on yet. Thank you very much for reading our blog, don’t forget to follow us here and on twitter. Have a nice day, and see you all next week!

Mythwing Interactive Update Blog 5/18/2017 – Change Inside

Welcome to our Blog once again, with an update for this week! Sorry for the delay, but we’re having some big changes in our operations, as management had to make some decisions. We’re currently putting Patreon on hold, and going to be doing a longer sprint on something. These are big changes, so let’s go down the list.

As for our Patreon, Right now we’ve decided to put the Patreon Game Jam project on hold. It was a good run, and a good learning experience, but we’re making some changes after seeing our results and other, internal assessments. We plan to pick it back up after these 2 months, at this is essentially us focusing our energy on a sprint. We apologize for any inconvenience.

As for our work, we’re putting the Survival RTS Dragon Colony Sim project on hold. Given the time it has taken to develop, we’re opting to focus on something smaller. This is a two-fold purpose – one is to get something out and remotely close to finished, and hopefully some income. In addition, we hope to use this new project to build experience for systems that will be used in the larger Survival RTS.

That said, our new project is going to be a Fantasy-themed Factory-building game – because everyone loves building factories and cities, why not use actual magic instead of pretend magic! Yes, a magic factory. This isn’t exactly new territory, but it’s something not exactly done by anyone popular yet. We’re still honing the details, but you’re a wizard, and you’re building a factory that makes magic items. We’ll have more details as we develop things further.

That is all, we’ll see you all next week, with more timely updates! We held off this time distinctly because management needed to set a plan, and we have it now. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow us here and on twitter, and We’ll see our Patreons in 2 months. We apologize for the delays and have a plan to get everything straight. Thank you all, and have a nice weekend!

Mythwing blog 4/30/2016 – Too focused, or well focused?

Sorry for the long silence, once again. We’ve been quite busy internally. It’s been a busy pair of weeks, and we’ve been focused. Internally, we’re working on our patreon project still, and we’ve completed the current Jam for this month as of yesterday.

So, since our last post a few weeks ago, where we said we’ed spend a week on this project, we’ve focused on some depth and quality for our patreon project. Learning and experimenting with new things – making procedural terrain and multiplayer – and it’s been a modest success. These take time to pick up and put in. But, this knowledge is going to be built upon, as the lessons learned here are to bne applied to future Game Jams and to our non-Patreon games – Our main survival RTS game being a big beneficiary of this knowledge. So here’s to the future, as we’re starting our next Game Jam on the 7th. We’ve got a week to work on our main projects before we start our new adventure.

That is all for this week. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know below or on twitter, and if you are interested, don’t forget to look at our Patreon. Thank you all for reading our blog, and we’ll see you all next week. Until then!

Mythwing Development Update Blog 4/12 : Delayed, our apologies.

So, We’ve missed last week and lapsed into the current. We apologize for this, but the end of our project has loomed close yet far away. We spent over a month lingering on our first game jam, as we’ed rather get it right the first time and not disappoint. We’ve taken some time to look at how we operate to complete a project under pressure, and are still adjusting. We’re still ironing the kinks out, and we’re moving on from here.

So, we didn’t complete our first game jam to the extent we wanted. We will be releasing our Work-in-Progress to Patreon, but we must apologize for the wait and incomplete product. There’s almost a game there, we just didn’t have the man-hours to get some key elements in. We do mean key elements. Our artists worked hard, and our sound design made some excellent music, but the putting the game together was hamstrung by a sudden(temporary) loss of manpower on the programmer end. The process also requires some serious streamlining, and we’ve made adjustments as-is, as this was a learning experience. So, let us formally apologize for our work, we feel that it isn’t ready for production, and strive to make sure this month our patreon has results. We have a larger pool of talent to pour in this month, and we’re hoping to put that to good use, and to operate in a timely fashion.

We’re moving on from a story-based game to a mechanics-based game. Our lead programmer had a project he’s dusted off, and we’re at work making an infinitely scaling combat engine. We use this term – infinitely scaling combat engine – specifically because we want to focus on mechanics, for now, with this being a testbed for a system that we can put into future games. Or perhaps just pilfer from.

That is all for this week. We’ll leave more details to patreon, and we’ll see you all next week! Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to Follow us here, on twitter, and on our Patreon. Have a nice week!

Mythwing Studios Update Blog 3/26/2017 : We apologize for our silence

We’ve been busy. We would like to first apologize for our lack of communication over the past two weeks. We’ve been working on our game jam project. It was a bit more ambitious than intended, and we’ve hit snags, but it’s almost to the point where it is fully playable. We thought we were almost done for the last week and a half, but our minimum product is nearly there now.

So, for our game jam we had been sitting on an Idea of an Action/RPG style game in 2D. The exact details are fuzzy because it’s a prototype anyway – we don’t want to flesh out too much work outside of the jam time, so our attention can be focused on our main game the rest of the time. We picked something in the direction of The old Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons games for Gameboy Color. We have our music made, we have our visual assets, we even had a test level. We, however, have had trouble with our manpower coding. We’re making progress, though – we’ve got a few minor objects and the finer details of combat, and we’re good to go. The sounds will be lacking – one of the other snags we had to look into.

We’re going to be trying to used rigged skeletal animations for this project, as that was our experiment. We were hoping it’d allow us to take time off of our artist’s shoulder for this project, as you can see by the time it takes for us to do sprites now. Our music was given a test, and it’s actually stuff we’re happy to hear! The game play will be overly simple, but that’s something we expect with a small project like this. We’ll have a better feel for our operations after this, thankfully.

That said, we’ll have our work for our patrons hopefully in the next few days! And then we’ll get back to our main project – one that feels very ambitious in comparison to our current game jam product, if we were to plan for a full-length game out of it. But our ship sails on! We are going on, for you, our followers, but mostly, for ourselves and our dreams.

Thank you all for your time, and your patience. We apologize for the delay, as we are re-organizing internally after this project. Hopefully, this will help us operate more smoothly in the future. Thank you for reading, and we appreciate your support. Don’t forget to follow us on this blog and on twitter. And if you ever find our work something you want to support, don’t forget our Patreon! Have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you next week!